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Loose Talk with Davee Jones

Davee Jones, author of Finless and Personal Fouls

Davee Jones, author of Finless
and Personal Fouls

The Unpleasant Truth podcast makes a surprise reappearance in honor of Lynn Savage's new ebook, Mr. Klein's Wild Ride. Over the course of an uninhibited 37-minute conversation, we talk about God, the Devil, hidden carnalities in the Oklahoma public library system, and the perils and pleasures of writing sexy. We say flattering things about each other's books, I admit I'm on an NSA watch list, and Davee giggles at inappropriate moments. Caveat auditor: this podcast is NSFWOFM (Not Safe for Work or Family Members). You have been warned! If you prefer to think Davee and I arrived chastely in our current respective marriages, this podcast is NOT, I repeat NOT, for your ears.

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An Unpunished Evil

The podcast is back! And believe me when I tell you: this is the best story about a German dye manufacturer you'll hear all weekend. I mean that!

And then: this. Hey, Lightfall fans, at least now we know where all the bees went.

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In Which I Exploit Justina Walford

This is the episode of The Unpleasant Truth podcast in which I interview my good friend Justina Walford. Justina is the screenwriter of Stripped, a movie about lesbian cannibal strippers. (How's that for a logline?) It's in production now. Justina's also the owner and operator of, a site on which attractive people get partially nude for the public good. She's way more interesting than I am, so I resolved to exploit her considerable charisma for a conversation about exploitation in movies and life.

This is the first time I've ever tried to record and edit a phone conversation. It's tricky, because the lag time between cell phones leads to unfixable echos. This will do for a first attempt, and I think you'll find Justina so fascinating that you'll be willing to put up with my audio ineptitude.

For you visual learners, here's a photo of Justina:

See how attractive she is? She's also whip-smart, which is totally unfair. Thanks for the interview, Justina! I look forward to another conversation down the road.

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I was last week's guest on Animal Fire Theatre's podcast. What fun! Host Austen Anderson invited me on to talk about theatre criticism and all the many way I can use it to get in trouble with decent Americans. Thanks to Austen, it was one of the best times I've ever had being interviewed. Thanks again to the good folks at Animal Fire!

One caveat: I misremembered the opening date of TAO's Titus Andronicus. It opens July 27, and while that is a show weekend for Animal Fire, I'll still be able to catch and review a dress rehearsal. Broken legs, of course, to them.

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My Night in the Wreck Room

What we have here is my fourth podcast, except that this one's a tiny bit different. Unlike previous installments, I decided to record it in one take, uninterrupted, and post it with no edits. All I did in postproduction was slap some music on it and covert it from WMA to MP3. This is the raw feed, straight from my thinky (and feely) place to you. Thanks for listening.

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O, My Offense Is Rank

It has the primal eldest curse upon't, the curse of hubris! Find out why I know more than Isaac Asimov, and not just because he's been dead for some time, in this week's edition of my thinky podcast The Unpleasant Truth. This episode is all about the melancholy Dane and his irascible stepdad.

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Be Excellent to Each Other

Presented below for your listening enjoyment, it's the second installment of Carv's Unpleasant Truth podcast. This time, the subject is ethical principles for agnostics, atheists, and other non-fundamentalists. Now that I've moved the podcast to PodOmatic (based on Austen's recommendation--see "What a Piece of Work Is a Podcast" below), you can comment either here or there. Feel free to share! Much obliged...

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What a Piece of Work Is a Podcast

Around the time I started work on my own podcast, director Austen Anderson of Animal Fire Theatre created his. Apparently, he's using real mics and noise reduction gear. I, clearly, am not.

The putative function of Austen's podcast is to promote next month's Hamlet in Priest Point Park--have I mentioned I'm playing Claudius in that? 'Cause I am--but it widens to cover theatre as a whole. I can dig it! Also, that PodOmatic interface sure is sweet. I may have to try that venue myself down the road.

I'm told I'll appear on the Animal Fire podcast soon to talk about the conflict between acting and theatre criticism. I can't wait! Anywho...Enjoy!

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Adventures in Podcasting

I recorded this podcast last Friday, just in time for the three-day weekend. It was my first attempt at recording and editing such a thing, so I had to learn Audacity and figure out how to get WordPress, usually so easy, to display an MP3 player. Even uploading the podcast was difficult, because WordPress kept trying to tell me the file is larger than 20MB, and it so isn't. Long story short, this short job took long, but I managed to post it around ten Friday night. An hour and a half later, it suddenly dawned on me that my comments therein about death would seem mighty disrespectful to military families, especially those who've lost loved ones in the service, so I ran downstairs and yanked it off the air.

Please accept it as read that I meant no disrespect to anybody, living or dead. Having said that, here's the very first installment of what I may or may not decide to call "The Unpleasant Truth." In retrospect, it seems like that subject could get a bit depressing. I'm still mulling it over. What do you think? Too dark?

P.S.: I moved this installment to PodOmatic on June 6.

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