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Here you'll find some of my articles for The Weekly Volcano and other venues, reprinted by permission.

Beyond the Deepwater Abyss [1] is about the BP oil spill.

Devil's Breakfast [2] is my first attempt at Andrew Zimmern-style adventure dining, courtesy of Ah Badabing Pizzeria in Lakewood, WA.

Generation X, Meet Generation OMFG [3] finds me returning to a high school for a day at age 42.

Going Under [4] finds me enjoying an altered state: hypnotic trance.

Grrrl Power in Action [5] is about Olympia roller derby.

Inside the Temple of Doom [6] is about the Tea Party movement.

Pirates in the Sky [7] is about Free Radio Olympia.

Rise of the New Atheism [8] is about folks like Richard Dawkins.

I wrote Swing Time [9], about folks in unconventional marriages, for the Weekly Volcano in spring of 2013. That paper went through some editorial changes shortly thereafter and could no longer use the piece, so publisher Ron Swarner graciously allowed me to run it here.