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I'll update this page periodically to reflect current projects.


Friendly Atheist [1]

Pharyngula [2]

The Apocalypse

2012 Warning [3]

A Brief History of the Apocalypse [4]

Apocalypse Blog [5]

Rapture Watch [6]

Planet X warnings on Nancy Lieder's ZetaTalk [7]

Literary Influences

Douglas Adams [8]

The Thin Place by Kathryn Davis [9] (as reviewed in The New York Times)

Musical Influences

Imogen Heap [10], especially...

..."Hide and Seek [11]" (on Lala), which I played repeatedly while writing

Bruce Springsteen [12], especially...

..."Cautious Man [13]," which gave me a title

Philosophical Influences

Dr Nick Bostrom [14], especially...

...Bostrom's simulation theory [15]

Bishop John Shelby Spong [16], especially...

...his outstanding book, Why Christianity Must Change or Die [17]

Friends and Family

Richard Barron, cool Ada photojournalist, invites you to behold The Giant Muh [18]

Monica Beben of Smoking Mo's Kitchen [19], who kept me fed and shot my author photo

Also, Monica writes a personal blog about what it's like to run a barbecue restaurant in a state that doesn't know what barbecue is. It's pretty fun. That blog may be found here [20].

Sean Boyd [21], who talked me into writing Lightfall

Preston Porter [22], who designed its cover

Job Stuff

The Weekly Volcano [23], for which I'm a feature writer, columnist, and critic