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Adventures in Podcasting

I recorded this podcast last Friday, just in time for the three-day weekend. It was my first attempt at recording and editing such a thing, so I had to learn Audacity and figure out how to get WordPress, usually so easy, to display an MP3 player. Even uploading the podcast was difficult, because WordPress kept trying to tell me the file is larger than 20MB, and it so isn't. Long story short, this short job took long, but I managed to post it around ten Friday night. An hour and a half later, it suddenly dawned on me that my comments therein about death would seem mighty disrespectful to military families, especially those who've lost loved ones in the service, so I ran downstairs and yanked it off the air.

Please accept it as read that I meant no disrespect to anybody, living or dead. Having said that, here's the very first installment of what I may or may not decide to call "The Unpleasant Truth." In retrospect, it seems like that subject could get a bit depressing. I'm still mulling it over. What do you think? Too dark?

P.S.: I moved this installment to PodOmatic on June 6.

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