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Campanile Comes Through Again

Hi, all, just a quick note to let you know that my new (and fast-acting) publisher, Campanile Press, just published a version of Lightfall for Kindle. The Amazon link appears here and on the right side of this page. It's a great time to download my novel and give it a shot, partly because it's cheap (only $2.99!) and partly as it gives you an opportunity to win a hot new Amazon Kindle Voyage e-reader. Look two posts down for more details.

Also, if you happen to live near the South Sound, B sure to meet me and lots of other local writers at the B Sharp Coffee House, this Monday the 24th, in Tacoma's Opera Alley. I'll be reading a brand-new SF short story and helping my friends debut their anthology, Creative Colloquy Volume One, in which my well-received horror story "Silver" appears. If you live elsewhere or simply can't wait, remember, my friend Kevin Wright also edited his own horror anthology e-book, Disquiet, now available for Kindle download at this link right here [2]. That collection includes "Silver" as well. Happy reading!