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In Which I Exploit Justina Walford

This is the episode of The Unpleasant Truth podcast in which I interview my good friend Justina Walford. Justina is the screenwriter of Stripped, a movie about lesbian cannibal strippers. (How's that for a logline?) It's in production now. Justina's also the owner and operator of BareNakedBakeSale.com, a site on which attractive people get partially nude for the public good. She's way more interesting than I am, so I resolved to exploit her considerable charisma for a conversation about exploitation in movies and life.

This is the first time I've ever tried to record and edit a phone conversation. It's tricky, because the lag time between cell phones leads to unfixable echos. This will do for a first attempt, and I think you'll find Justina so fascinating that you'll be willing to put up with my audio ineptitude.

For you visual learners, here's a photo of Justina:

See how attractive she is? She's also whip-smart, which is totally unfair. Thanks for the interview, Justina! I look forward to another conversation down the road.