Carv's Thinky Blog I'm an author with a focus on satirical science fiction.


I'll update this page periodically to reflect current projects.


Friendly Atheist


The Apocalypse

2012 Warning

A Brief History of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse Blog

Rapture Watch

Planet X warnings on Nancy Lieder's ZetaTalk

Literary Influences

Douglas Adams

The Thin Place by Kathryn Davis (as reviewed in The New York Times)

Musical Influences

Imogen Heap, especially...

..."Hide and Seek" (on Lala), which I played repeatedly while writing

Bruce Springsteen, especially...

..."Cautious Man," which gave me a title

Philosophical Influences

Dr Nick Bostrom, especially...

...Bostrom's simulation theory

Bishop John Shelby Spong, especially...

...his outstanding book, Why Christianity Must Change or Die

Friends and Family

Richard Barron, cool Ada photojournalist, invites you to behold The Giant Muh

Monica Beben of Smoking Mo's Kitchen, who kept me fed and shot my author photo

Also, Monica writes a personal blog about what it's like to run a barbecue restaurant in a state that doesn't know what barbecue is. It's pretty fun. That blog may be found here.

Sean Boyd, who talked me into writing Lightfall

Preston Porter, who designed its cover

Job Stuff

The Weekly Volcano, for which I'm a feature writer, columnist, and critic

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