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Status Update

Hey, there, friends, it's been a while. Many of you are Facebook friends or follow me on Twitter (@carvwriter), so you know where I've been. For the rest of you, I've been concentrating on other projects. I've written 40,000 words on the new novel, which is about half the book. I'm hoping to have a polished first draft finished by my 45th birthday in mid-June. I have a day job, of course, and that takes a fair amount of time. I'm acting again, as Little John in Olympia Family Theater's The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, opening March 29. The day after that show closes, I'll start work on Legally Blonde: The Musical at Capital Playhouse, in which I'm playing Elle's father and singing in the ensemble. My wife is in Robin Hood with me, then starts work as three characters in OFT's debut production of Cinder Edna. We're going to Paris in mid-September, so I'm spending about five hours a week learning French. (Here's an unsolicited promo, incidentally, for the free language learning app Duolingo.) I write a few articles a month for the Weekly Volcano, including a cover story next week on the subject of--wait for it--swingers.

With all that on my plate, I've had little time to think about either blogging or podcasting. I feel somewhat guilty about that, but it's definitely time to push this new novel out of my head and into the world. I can't wait to talk to you about the process of seeking a new publisher (Fear Nought is still defunct, I'm afraid) and scheduling readings. Bear with me, please, and I'll be back with a vengeance in a couple of months. Thanks for reading, and hey: may the Force be with you! Assuming Star Wars, Episode VII comes out in May of 2015, I'll be in L.A. that week for Opening Day.