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Creative Colloquy Volume Two

I finished reading Rick Steves' Travel as a Political Act last night, a book I recommend to every reader, travel-minded or not. That leaves me free to start reading my newest acquisition, Creative Colloquy Volume Two, released last night at a gala in Tacoma's pretty-much-perfect B Sharp Coffee House. My time-travel story "Personal History" is included in this anthology of South Puget writers, and what's more, it's been beautifully illustrated by Carrie Foster and Michael Haeflinger, a first for me. I heard five of the other stories last night (of 19 total), and I was pleased and excited by the quality. I think you will be, too.

To purchase a copy, click here. No money from that purchase goes to me, by the way, so I'm recommending it purely from respect for the project. As always, I've been impressed by the work Jackie Fender and Joshua Swainston put into Creative Colloquy, and you shouldn't be surprised if I remain highly involved with that worthy group in 2016.

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